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economy class cabin

Economy Class

A smile worth a thousand words

At Qatar Airways, we go the extra mile to anticipate the comforts and services you need to make your journey with us, a great one. It is no wonder that for an unprecedented 7 consecutive years, our cabin crew have been voted “Best in the Middle East”.

A surprise, more space than ever before

Economy Class comfort

Experience one of the widest and spacious seats onboard one of the youngest fleets. Settle into your own personal space with plenty of room to eat, sleep and stretch out. Fresh pillows, blankets, hot towels and toiletry pouches are also available to make your stay even more memorable.

A celebration of music, film and imagination

Economy Class cabin, entertainment

Watch a seat-gripping action movie or laugh out loud at a sitcom. Your long-haul flight may not be long enough, considering you have 2,000 options at your fingertips. Choose from the latest blockbuster movies, TV programmes, leading video games and the latest music.

A chance to work on a higher level

Even if you are thousands of miles away, it is business as usual. Stay connected with a laptop power outlet, USB plug and personal telephone. On air mobile service will enable you to send and receive SMS/data during your flight. Wi-Fi services, available onboard our A380, A350, B787, A319 and selected A330, A320 and A321 aircraft, make it easy to stay connected across the globe.

A pleasure to dine

In-flight entertainment

Meals and desserts are prepared with a focus on quality and freshness. We strive to create a sophisticated dining experience made with the finest available products. Get inspired by our unique flavours and enjoy a delightful selection of beverages.

A big world for the little ones

One thing for sure, all kids love colourful games and activity kits. Imagine your kids’ excitement as they receive a Mr. Potato Head kit filled with fun activities, a Monopoly satchel kit, or a Connect 4 and Twister set. To top it off, they’ll get a personalized lunch box complete with yummy and healthy meals.* We have also dedicated a “Young Travellers” channel filled with the latest movies, programmes, and interactive games to keep your child entertained throughout the flight.

*Must be ordered when booking your ticket.